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4 Word Story

Let's play... 4 Word Story NO politics - NO religion - NO jerks. It's not complicated. Thanks! I'll explain the rules: After a post, you must wait for someone else to post before you p...... Read More
Posted by OpinionNateTed with 27 comments

Phishing backfires

************** On a different note...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 16 comments

What Happens 9-16-21

National Play-Doh Day National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day National Guacamole Day National Step Family Day National Working Parents Day Mayflower Day National Pawpaw Day – Third Thursday in Septe...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 16 comments

Still Thinking About Yesterday

Why is it when you talk about something calmly and logically other people don’t want to read what you write? Is it because they’re afraid you might upend their conclusion and change their...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 14 comments

Ivermectin to the Rescue - 241 MILLION people in one state of India free of covid

India State of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin September 18th 2021, 6:19 pm Population 2/3 that of the U.S. completely free of COVID despite h...... Read More
Posted by 1derlander with 13 comments

poof-gone, then back again

I had almost a half of a blog going on and poof, the power went out taking my computer with and there went my blog. Gone. You would think they would have a draft page, heck even yahoo has that. I do r...... Read More
Posted by 4lorac323 with 12 comments

All Checked Out For The New Direction

9/15 yesterdays 2.5hr Physicians Assistant visit at the Chardo Pavilion was exhausting. Thank heavens for daughter driving but her little car strained my chest getting in/out. But all is well so far...... Read More
Posted by aKunaKumara with 10 comments

breakfast of champions

I had breakfast with my daughter yesterday. We both needed a break from life so I "kidnapped" her (with her permisson of course lol) Went to Tm Horton's, got some new pumpkin spice mu...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 10 comments

What's the difference between crunchy and crispy?

So what's the difference between crunchy battered fish and crispy battered fish? Does crunchy make a loud noise when you eat is and crispy doesn't? I'm thinking maybe the crunchy has mo...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 9 comments

Good Old Fashioned Monsters.

Ok.. So your sitting there. Yeah right on the edge of your seat, and your watching.. There’s a young couple. They’re newlyweds. Yeah, and they decided to postpone their honeymoon to go...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 8 comments

Why are we treating Covid-19 like the bubonic plague?

A ball-park number of global deaths resulting from the Covid-19 virus reveals that roughly 4.7 million people (we have rounded up) have died out of a population of roughly 7.7 billion people (we have...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 8 comments

We don't leech off of our governments, we make our own money so please buy my art so I can spend that money to make more money

Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump as my witness, Check my accounts... check the emails... I rather be homeless and selling my art on the street than to go through this... And take my chances dying in the st...... Read More
Posted by awwwnikki with 6 comments

Advice From God

Advice From God: Psalm 32:8: I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you. Psalm 16:7: I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; Indeed...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 5 comments

Something to puzzle over

Ask your self this: Why does our nose run? And Why our feet smell? Lol That Is all. Have a great last official last Friday of summer 2021'...... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 5 comments

Progress: The Extinction Of The Beguiled

In today’s world, ‘progress’ is merely a desperate attempt to keep us from sliding backwards. The “experts” are continually applying Band-Aids to the solutions of the pro...... Read More
Posted by retiredinaz with 3 comments

Day 10 - Exmouth to Carnarvon (part 2)

We stopped off in Carnarvon for lunch and a bit of sight-seeing around the town. These are photos I took in the center of town and at the farmers market. We didnt stay here overnight, we decided to co...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 3 comments

A Cactus for all Holidays!

You want a plant that celebrates every holiday?? I got it!! 15 years ago I bought a "Christmas Cactus" and it did bloom every Christmas but a little over a decade ago---2008 to be exact--...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 2 comments

Better late than never- September Memories

Hello to the people who even look at my blog. I am sorry for being very late this month. The eighth month of 2021 has ended and all we are left with are the memories. You know it dawned on me that I h...... Read More
Posted by charmedbookworm with 2 comments

Let's Get this Straight, General Milley is not a traitor; if anybody is, it is trump himself!!!!

I am always torn as to whether to laugh or cry whenever (former guy) or (crook-in-chief) starts waxing nasty about someone, anyone, and their loyalty. It helps to remember that to him the word...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 1 comments

Running a blog Will Take care of You Proper Should You Learn About It Carefully

Understanding can sometimes be overwhelming, but writing a blog is a well-known on the web feature which can be easy and enjoyable for only about a...... Read More
Posted by clararocha1297 with 0 comments

Freshwater Drum

Freshwater Drum are usually grayish-silver in color, although they may Tungsten ice jigs brighten or darken in color depending upon water temperature, the algae count, and the fishes main food source...... Read More
Posted by stevennico with 0 comments

Make A Small Fortune In The Fishing Industry...

Unless you start out with a large fortune and slowly pitter it away while in pursuit of our friends who live beneath the waves, most people don't enter the exciting world of the fishing industry...... Read More
Posted by ignativsar with 0 comments

Should You Pick a Fishing Charter or Just Rent a Boat

Have you thought about a fishing charter instead of just renting a boat for your next outing? Although any experienced angler knows how to cast a line and reel in the big one, if you are traveling or...... Read More
Posted by branthamil with 0 comments

How To Be Successful With Your Weblog

Getting into the realm of running a blog can appear mind-boggling due to the fact there are plenty of selections offered. There is absolutely no, one certain blaze technique of doing it which will ass...... Read More
Posted by nicolasteixeira with 0 comments

Yahoo Backup Wizard

Use this Yahoo backup wizard based tool A task like mail backup or data recovery are composed of complex set of steps which are difficult to do manually. Also, manually there is never a guarantee of p...... Read More
Posted by wsmithblogs with 0 comments

Melissa Lantsman, Conservative And Jewish, But She Blocks Me On Facebook And Instagram Anyway,

Lesbian Nut Case - This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 0 comments

What Would Be The Future Of Cryptocurrency?

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency is bright. The good news is that now is still early. You can start your adventure by finding the Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. Source for more abou...... Read More
Posted by Rey2201w with 0 comments

Sex & Relationships

Some women can orgasm spontaneously by force of will alone, although this may not strictly qualify as masturbation as no physical stimulus is involved. The most common masturbation technique among mal...... Read More
Posted by stantonmonrad55ufubai with 0 comments

What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee?

Understanding The Nature And Importance Of Coffee We as people have an obligation to secure the climate, individual man, and people in the future. Regardless of whether it be Buy Coffee Beans Online...... Read More
Posted by ajwbrokers with 0 comments

Auch hier kann deine Kleiderlänge kurz oder etwas lang sein

Auch hier kann Ihre Kleiderlnge kurz oder etwas lang sein. Wenn Sie sich jedoch fr den klassischen Look entscheiden, ist ein Kleid mit lngerer Lnge eine gute Wahl. Whlen Sie nicht das falsche Kle...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 0 comments

Become A Profitable Blog writer Using This Type Of Assistance

Your blog is where you arrive at voice what you must say on-line. You have the capability to post things individuals are able to see on-line at any moment. In order to be noticed, then running a blog...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 0 comments

I matrimoni in riva al lago di oggi sono tutto ciò che è comodo

Amanti della natura, abbiamo una sorpresa per voi, i matrimoni in riva al lago di oggi sono tutti accoglienti , legnosi e rustici chic. Emily e Luke hanno scambiato i cristalli con le corna...... Read More
Posted by Bueseter with 0 comments

senza dubbio lo stile con la parte posteriore aperta

Al contrario, solo su misura per le donne che sono abbastanza alte. La struttura viene visualizzata dall'assetto degli arti inferiori, facendoti apparire molto pi vecchio. Il particolare tipo...... Read More
Posted by bevayere with 0 comments

BREAK UPS & DIVORCES! Reality Star Tammy Rivera break up with Rapper Waka Flocka! Listen up!

In this podcast, I bring up topics to give my criticism and critique in a way where it will inspire and motivate young boys and men to do better in life and fight to be as great as they can be the ri...... Read More
Posted by beyondparanormal with 0 comments

How to download and install GbWhatsapp for Android

Hello friends! Do you feel tired of using old-fashioned WhatsApp? You want to explore some new and exciting features in WhatsApp? This beautiful day is dedicated to revealing the latest WhatsApp Mod A...... Read More
Posted by businessblogs with 0 comments

Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Irreversible Harm?

They also might feel bad if your sexual arousal levels don’t align, or you could have different boundaries in terms of sexual pleasure and exploration. Basically, different people have different att...... Read More
Posted by cunninghamrosales32ksrzj with 0 comments

Dalış Tişörtü Satış Sitesi

Yzmeyi seven bireyler sık sık dalış aktiviteler gerekleştirerek eğlenceli vakitler geirmektedir. Ancak sağlıklı bir dalış iin rnlerin kaliteli ve dalışa uygun olması gerekmektedir...... Read More
Posted by analizblogu with 0 comments

Dalış Tişörtü Satış Sitesi

Yzmeyi seven bireyler sık sık dalış aktiviteler gerekleştirerek eğlenceli vakitler geirmektedir. Ancak sağlıklı bir dalış iin rnlerin kaliteli ve dalışa uygun olması gerekmektedir...... Read More
Posted by girisimblogu with 0 comments

Изолятор Пс

Тарельчатые подвесные стеклянные изоляторы ПСД 70Е собираются в гирлянды, поддерживающие вес проводов, распо...... Read More
Posted by hartleyfiltenborg45chtma with 0 comments

Штыревые Изоляторы Купить По Оптовой Цене

Предлагаем к реализации изоляторы ЛЭП различного назначения, конструктивного исполнения и условий эксплуат...... Read More
Posted by flemingstout79tynhgf with 0 comments

How to Convert Website Visitors into Sales

What is Retargeting? Using retargeting, brands can re-engage users who left their web pages before making a purchase. Retail marketers most likely use cookie-based retargeting on a daily basis, so in...... Read More
Posted by zinavotechnologie with 0 comments

Изолятор Подвесной Пс 70е Юмэк 00000039 Электрофарфор Купить В Москве По Н

На высоковольтных линиях электропередачи высокого напряжения применяют гирлянды, состоящие из последовате...... Read More
Posted by holbrookgravgaard15vjpso with 0 comments

votre corps pour éviter de ressembler à un arbre de Noël

Et si vous tes un peu ronde, achetez des vtements aux formes plus rondes et plus douces. Bien sr, vous pourriez aussi vous dmarquer en illuminant littralement la pice avec des paillettes et des...... Read More
Posted by brasecer with 0 comments

Understand Everything There Is To Know About Running a blog

Entering into the field of running a blog can seem overpowering simply because there are plenty of alternatives offered. There is no, one certain fireplace method of doing it that will guarantee achie...... Read More
Posted by wvqbrodie884 with 0 comments

What Are The Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation?

He wasn’t sure that forswearing masturbation would solve any of this, but stopping for a while seemed like “a not-difficult experiment”—far easier than giving up other things people try to qui...... Read More
Posted by ricejakobsen03svvpnh with 0 comments

The Virus

Since viruses are not living organisms, they can’t be killed. So where do they go when the pandemic ends? From observation and the reports I’ve been reading, it seems to me that the virus...... Read More
Posted by TheAgedMrD with 0 comments

du cadre champêtre à votre robe divine

Paroles de sagesse conjugale C'est trs dur mais soyez impitoyable sur la liste des invits. Nous avons absolument ador notre petit mariage intime et cela n'aurait jamais t ce que c...... Read More
Posted by bebleleoy with 0 comments

Dalış Tişörtü Satış Sitesi

Yzmeyi seven bireyler sık sık dalış aktiviteler gerekleştirerek eğlenceli vakitler geirmektedir. Ancak sağlıklı bir dalış iin rnlerin kaliteli ve dalışa uygun olması gerekmektedir...... Read More
Posted by seoblogun with 0 comments

Dalış Tişörtü Satış Sitesi

Yzmeyi seven bireyler sık sık dalış aktiviteler gerekleştirerek eğlenceli vakitler geirmektedir. Ancak sağlıklı bir dalış iin rnlerin kaliteli ve dalışa uygun olması gerekmektedir...... Read More
Posted by sosyalmedyablogun with 0 comments


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